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For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in other people’s stories, cultures and worlds. The small California beach town where I grew up was idyllic, but I wanted to explore what else this world had to offer. So after graduating college I packed my bags, $500 + my degree. I chose adventure, moved to Italy and basically never looked back. But it was not easy! I faced some pretty tough challenges on my own in a pre-internet world as a recent grad with no career plans, who didn’t speak Italian.

Fortunately, over time I managed to learn the language. After a few years of teaching English and interpreting, I set up my first business as a cross-cultural consultant, eventually serving international corporations and the UN. While raising 2 kids I pivoted to fashion media, and later created a fashion business from the ground up, selling to the world's finest retailers.

I was proud of all I had accomplished, but as time passed I started feeling lost and exhausted. Achievement felt good and was important to me, but I came to understand that it had its limits. I still wasn't fulfilled. So I took a step back to reflect and concluded that something had to change. 

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I began a challenging journey of introspection and personal growth. Along the way I slowly faced my disappointments, insecurities, and obstacles. I learned to replace my anxieties with confidence, my burn-out with excitement and my resentments with compassion. I gained clarity and courage to recognize and own who I was. And I discovered coaching. I realized that helping others to overcome obstacles, follow their dreams and reach their potential was the most fulfilling job I could imagine: I felt I had finally discovered my calling. So I went back to school, got my MA and became a JSCS Certified Life Coach. Every day I continue to study, learn and grow. I love the opportunity to work with clients from all over the world, learning their stories, and guiding them to success, purpose and freedom.


My other passions and hobbies include travel, nature, learning, dancing, laughing, sailing, hiking, fashion, design, getting to know new people and cultures, and above all my rich tribe of family and friends.

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